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Friday, 7 September 2012

Visual Impact Muscle Building - How to build calves

In the article " How to build calves? Nontrivial technique! "I wrote about a blast technique based on the exercise" Donkey. " This article can be considered a continuation of leadership How to build calf. It will expand your knowledge and help build technique, the most suitable for you! So we begin.

How to build calves: Theory and Practice

How to build calves: Theory and Practice
Bodybuilders usually shake what they see in the mirror. In this sense, the calves are not lucky twice. First, they are behind, and on top of the mirror usually reflects a person by now. In short, the pumping of the calves are usually listed somewhere at the back of the training. Of serious problems arise. Not only do eggs themselves "complicated" muscles, over the years they have become more "complicated."Experience shows that after years of hard training Forgotten caviar somehow refuses to grow, as it is not Georgia. It is in this lies the main reason for the difficulties buildup calves, and not in their trophic.
It is fair to acknowledge that the "slow" fibers in the calves and indeed much more than in other muscles. Much more and the share of the connective tissue. However, all of it from the category of purely technical difficulties that can be overcome by a competent training program. Most importantly, believe in the other. Calves should not be forgotten. From the beginning, train yourself to train calves like other muscle groups. It actually is the main recipe for growth Tell us about them in detail go to Visual Impact Muscle Building.

Basic principles of the pump calves

Have you ever seen a commercial exercise equipment to pump the calf muscles?And seen the ads from the category: Do not know how to pump up the calf ? We can help you! Never? Here I am, too - ever. And it's not that these muscles, as I said earlier, the spit. Just circle exercising the calf ridiculously narrow. This rise on the toes - either standing or sitting. So inventors simulators here does not roam.

Standing or sitting?

Most bodybuilders novice even manage to get lost here. Both lifting the toe they take for variations of movement and do one thing - what you like.
But you think for yourself, if you do sit ups on the toes, the movement will be involved, in addition to the ankle and the knee. So it turns out that lifts the toe sitting - is poly articular exercise and standing climbs - nonsustaining. Can they act the same ? Of course not! So supposed to get: standing calf raises and the same ups sitting - various exercises.
Anatomical diagram of the gastrocnemius muscle
Look into our anatomical diagram. See? Top - calf, and under it - soleus. So, in a standing position works primarily calf. And well, by the way, it works! Do you know why? The fact that its upper beam is attached above the knee. It turns out that when you're standing, and straightening your knee, calf stretched like a string. Well, today it is known to everyone if the muscle moves from the extended position, the effectiveness of exercise increases. Now let's suppose what happens when we sit down. Out, caviar, conversely, "sagging." At full strength, it already does not work can, and all lift-to-toe will be carried out by force soleus muscle.
Now learned? Ups standing - this is for calves, and sitting - for the soleus muscle.What is the conclusion? To shin was large and dense, both exercises should be done with the same zeal?

Inside or apart?

Another zamorochka: how to put your feet. Whether inside socks, or separately, or in parallel? Most recently, in the textbooks can be read that the foot position changes the load vector and thus supposedly more "loaded" external or internal regions of the calves. Targeted Study of sports medicine has shown that changing the position of the feet absolutely nothing. More than that, if you put socks separately under the heavy weight, you run the risk of serious injury to the knee joint, and even hip. If you put the socks inside, make ups will be purely anatomically convenient, but no performance gain is not work. However, if you have matured a knee injury, and this position will be dangerous. According to doctors, the most true - to put your feet parallel. Less risk, but the effect is the same!


Remember, eggs are attached by one end above the knee, and the lower end of the tendon is attached to the heel bone. The lower you lower the heel, the greater the stretch calf. This is very useful for its growth. But the main thing - it increases the amplitude of the ascents. And why is it important? In short, the whole effect of exercise comes down to how much time is spent under the muscle load. The shorter the range, the lower the working muscles. Well, you need to make it longer worked.So the lower the heel lower.
For the top position acts like a rule - the higher, the better. However, with one exception. The higher you climb on the sock, the greater the decrease in the calf muscle fibers. And this is also an important factor pumping! This is comparable to weight lifting fingers. With two fingers you pick more than one, and three is greater than two. When you get up on his toes like a ballerina, it would be like to take on the bar dumbbells with all five fingers. This is the main trick lifts! Which would be a huge weight you take, how low or lowered heel, but your eggs in full operation only under one condition - if at the end of each repetition you will diligently to stand on tiptoe as balerun.

How many sets?

Calf muscles require particularly sophisticated training scheme. The reason you already know - "unfavorable" combination of two types of fibers. Pondering scheme, remember your goal - "use" to the maximum of both. For my part I would recommend this: one-two "heavy" set to "fast" fibers, then two or three - for "Slow" (with every reset a set weight and do more repetitions).

How often?

Do leg muscles is, however, one significant advantage: they are quickly restored.Therefore, these muscles can be trained more often than others. But still a few days of rest. My advice is to load the calves stronger, then watch as the pain will pass.Usually it disappears on the third day. So, you can go to the fourth train again. In any case, until you feel the pain in the calves, exercise can not.

What order?

First you have to make upgrades standing, then sitting. If and to change the order, for the sake of diversity - once in 2-4 weeks.

As a "break"?

A couple of sets, even with such weight that crack the bones, will not save you. The secret to growth is not so much the weight, but in a clean technology. Well, here is the first condition of a fresh mind. So if you have to pull calves, there is no sense to put them at the end of training. To better highlight the calves separate training day.And the "bomb" of 30-45 minutes at a time. Are you surprised? Minor muscle, and so much attention? Meanwhile, this is your only way. Deficiencies corrected only by targeted training, when the "weak" muscles is allocated a separate training day. But then you'll be able to rest on their laurels. Caviar - this is the rare case in which to keep the gigantic amount of muscle required minimum load.

The list of exercises to pump calves

Ups on a sliding platform

Ups on a sliding platform
Get in the simulator should poprochnee. To do this, on the sides of the platform constructed handle. Once the body will ensure a secure fit, put socks feet on the edge of the lower support. Keep your knees slightly bent. The basic rule you already know: scroll down to the strongest stretching the calves, and climb up as high as possible until you get up on tiptoe. In calves with fast burning there, but it does not need to be afraid. This is good.

Calf to hack simulator

Calf to hack simulator
In fact, this machine is designed for sit-ups, but the builders have adapted it for calf raises. Emphasis should stand under the bizarre way - face down. As a result, the body relies on the support platform, and no equilibrium need not hold. This state of complete mental promises to focus on the calves, is not even close my eyes. Due to the stop, ready at any moment "catch" platform pump can spawn till you drop, until they "passed out." Again, do not forget to climb into the top position as high as possible.

Calf standing in the simulator

Calf standing in the simulator
This is the most popular version upgrades. And the easiest. However, there are some nuances. Here's the first. Be statically back strain. If the back is relaxed, unnecessary burden will fall on your back, and it is dangerous. Second. With Calf perhaps involuntary extension of the pelvis forward. Conversely, when you descend to the lowest position, and would like to submit your pelvis back as if sitting on a chair.All this is equally traumatic for the waist. If you exerts back muscles, the lower back will lock itself. Third: do not strain your neck. This happens when, rising on his toes, you again involuntarily tilt head. Under the rules of the head should be kept entirely straight.
Remember, if you have an injury of shoulder joints, under the stops, no matter how mild they may seem, you can not get up. Of the exercise should be abandoned.
It is noticed that the best effect is the same rate of movement. Up - sharp quick movement down - emphasized slow. Again, it is necessary to rise very high, and down - as low as possible.

Bench socks

Bench socks
Exercise allows you to load a huge calf weights at no risk to the lower back. The essence of the exercise is that you put the socks feet on the edge of the platform and press a platform some socks. Attention! Exercise is very traumatic! If the socks slip off the edge of the platform, it will fall to you right on the knee joints! How to protect yourself? DO NOT remove the side stoppers! If you do not hold the platform, it will be stopped stops. Squeeze have a powerful platform dynamic force.

Ups on the toe of one foot

Ups on the toe of one foot
Initially, the need to stand toe of one foot to the relatively high support. For it is necessary to have her ankle ankle the other leg. With one hand, it is necessary to take up the support. In the hand of the same name of the working leg to take the dumbbell.
So first you descend as low as possible, and then climb up the explosive force.Features of the motion is the same as that of the boom standing in the simulator.Need to strain your back, to prevent the pelvis and lower back lock. Head straight.Chest should raise breath.
Fall to very low, to the strongest stretching calves. In the top position stand up "on her toes." After completing all repetitions on one leg, move on to another.
Incidentally, this is the upgrade option on the toe can be performed in the simulator.

Calf in the slope

Calf in the slope
It is believed that all the standing calf raises overload waist. To insure it against injury, invented a special simulator, where you bear burdening the sacrum.
Emphasized that the movement happened in isolation, should eliminate all aid body.And for this we need to go all the weight of the body on the elbows and poprochnee tackle stops. Keep your back straight, not bend. Head does not ride up high, so as not to strain the neck muscles. Climb fast explosive move. At the top, try to climb on your toes as high as possible. Hold this position a couple of seconds and slowly lowered to the lowest position - to the strongest stretching the calves.

Calf sitting in a simulator

Calf sitting in a simulator
For this exercise, you need to carefully adjust the simulator. Remember, a soft support can bring your knees! It is necessary that the emphasis has shifted to the very beginning of the quadriceps. Initially, the socks are the feet on the edge of the leg supports. From the starting position, lift your knees as high as possible. Hold this position - before burning in the calves. Slowly lower your heels as low as possible - to strong stretch in the calf. Air traffic is moderate, without accelerations and jerks. Lower the weight slowly emphasized.

How to build calf - tips and advice

Mike Matarazzo

Mike Matarazzo
The secret of the "pumping" of the leg in that there is no secret. Do not you understand? Explain: train calf, based on general principles of training, like any other muscle. No special tricks are required. In talking about the difficulties of pumping calves I personally do not believe it. Start calf pump also rested as his biceps, that they will grow. In the halls I see a trend: the calf muscles are chronically undercharge. So, if the calves and have a problem, is purely psychological.
Here's my advice. After the training, the large muscle groups take a break for 20-25 minutes, and then pull the calf. "Battle" impressions have time to rub off, and mentally you're ready for a new "battle." At the beginning of the training I do rise on your toes while standing. Then turn on the machine and do sit ups. Completes all his favorite exercise for the ankle - Calf in the slope. I usually do four or five sets of each exercise.

Greg Titus

Greg Titus
Relatively lower leg workout, I think: to "bomb", "bomb" and again "bomb." If undercharge other muscles, then let it slightly, but growing. But with calves differently. They do not grow! Work up a "refusal" to burn, to unbearable pain - that's my rule. If the pain does not, then do exercise idle.
Personally, I have three exercises: calf raises standing, sitting, and stooping. Do three sets each. Weight is always maximum, compromises are not relevant here, the calf otherwise "break through." But my extreme scheme to "lift" the calves: training - twice a week, weight - the maximum possible, each exercise - nine sets to complete "failure"!

Garrett Downing

Garrett Downing
I have two methods of training leg muscles - with more weight and small. In the first case, I do 8-10 reps per set, in the second - at 20-30. Exercises only three lifts standing, sitting, and stooping. In each serve at least four sets.
Usually I train legs twice a week - once with the biceps, the other - with their feet.Between sets, I always stretch and massage the calf muscles, it allows to increase the range of motion, increases blood flow. I wonder why it did not do the other, time for a massage and stretch out a bit, and good - great!

Tips on pumping from the calf's.

Before all of this, of course, very useful information to tailor their own methodology, I want to remind you of one thing. Does not equal and do not copy exactly techniques professionals! Remember - you are normal fan, and they are talented professionals use pharmacology and engaged only in bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is their main and well-paid job, you have not!
Taking into account its not gifted genetics and what I do not use the pharmacy, I had built for himself such training.

Description of training calves

As you can see, I shake my calves every workout. As in the hall where I do not have lifts sitting on eggs, I use only one exercise in one day. I chose a four basic exercises: donkey, bench socks in the simulator, climbing socks standing barbell, rises on the toes of one foot (sometimes used as a second press for). The first day I shake my eggs in the power mode gives greater weight to 3 sets (not including warm-up) for 10-12 repetitions. On the second day I work in the "endurance" mode with a low weighing 2-3 sets of 20-30 repetitions. And so on. Exercises are always changing. If, in the room where I was doing a trainer for leg raises sitting, then I would do two exercises in one day. I would add to the rise of caviar sitting on the same lines and enduring power of the day. 

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